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06.04.2019 – SharePoint Saturday Warsaw


I will have honor to give a speech on 4th edition of SPS Warsaw among such stars as Gokan Ozcifci (Belgium), Vlad Catrinescu (Canada), Ahmad Najjar (Norway), Jussi Mori (Switzerland), Jon Levesque (United States) and more. I will talk about automation using Flow, PowerApps, SharePoint Online and more. Main message: Don’t waste time for silly things – automate!

Today’s world is so fast that if we do not filter it, we will become slaves to our tools. Gmail / Outlook, To-Do / Todoist or even Facebook can save time, but they also put a lot of information on us. How to avoid this? How much of this information can be automated and how? I would like to give you a little inspiration on how many solutions can be built relatively quickly and simply from the “IT lego blocks” like Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, SharePoint Online, Cognitive Services and Azure Functions.
We will make something productive so not to waste time any more.

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