About me

15 facts about me:

  1. I’m Michał (eng: Michael) Guzowski
  2. Born in 1988
  3. I’m a husband…
  4. …a father of 1 toddler…
  5. …and owner of 1 cat 🙂
  6. I bound my career with Microsoft solutions
  7. I love to solve problems. I’m keen on splitting problem to smaller parts and work on them one by one
  8. In 2017 I decided that I need to read more. So i’m reading a lot now.
  9. I love to travel…
  10. …especially on my motorcycle!
  11. I’m training OCR and Triathlon (debut in 2018 on Olympic distance, preparing for 1/2 IronMan challenge done on 07.07.2019)
  12. I’m bio-hacking myself. Sleep routines, habits, supplementation, meditation and stuff. Starting from theory, ending with practice. 
  13. I strive for constant learning, developing of myself and achieving goals 
  14. I invest in kids and youth education. Also using my time and knowledge.
  15. I’ve acquired following certifications: