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UX/DesignInspirationsUI Movement inspirations for mobile apps
  LovelyUI inspirations for mobile apps
  Collect UI inspirations for apps (not only mobile)
  UI Garage UI solutions implemented to solve specific problem (events, menu etc)
  LittleBigDetails UX solutions implemented to solve specific problem (app responsivenes, feedback etc)
  Mobile Patterns solutions implemented to solve specific processing problems (user onboarding, search experience, registration etc)
  Coolorshttps://coolors.cocolor schemes generator
 CollectionsUnsplash high-resolution photos and images on CC0 licensing
  press: win+. (dot)????emojis collection anywhere using windows
  Facebook emojis 
  Syncfusion Metro Studio tool on CC0 license with icons, have features like scaling, configuration and export
  Office UI Fabric Developers only. React controls in Office365 style. Code examples, demos. Fundamental if working with components framework 
 Patterns & Best PracticesDesigning Interfaces for anyone making apps. Explain users behaviours, gives patterns & ideas. Not many inspirations though.
Information Architecture for the World Wide Web only for www and intranets. Gives big picture of the designing principies
 Names and Logos GenerationLogojoy