Here you can find many of my PowerApps & Flow solutions. I’m sharing them with you. Just like that 🙂 Take a look around, find apps you like, download them and try in your environment.

Oh and if you feel any of those apps leave you with a question of:

  • How to deploy it on your environment?
  • How to build it from scratch?
  • Can I build tailor-made solution that will synergize with your business?
  • Or just want to grab a ☕coffee/🍻beer with me and chat…

…feel free to contact me. Really, after all it’s just a message. What can goes wrong?


Business apps

End-to-end solutions suits to fulfill specific business requirements.


App to support whistleblowing in organization. Features: anonymized submitter communication, comments system, admin panel

Business Card Reader

App that imports a business card to Outlook Contacts. It uses Cognitive Services OCR for text recognition. Features: OCR, readable confirmation screen, intelligent fields matching


App Guide component

Component that can be used as user tutotial, app highlights, tooltips baloons. Features: steps, configurable message box placement and displayed content
[downloadable links are at the end of article]

Additional Items picker component

Popup Component with multiselect option set. Features: Cancel and Accept button logic for which host screen can react in real time (not just after clicking accept).
[downloadable links are at the end of article]

Popup Confirmation component

Popup component that can be used also for navigation purposes
[downloadable links are at the end of article]


Small apps that focused on presentation of some very specific feature, capability, limitation or pattern. UI in such apps is the least important so be ready for simple design because the logic inside is what matters the most.

SharePoint Search in PowerApps

Demo that shows how to integrate app with SharePoint search: pass parameters, fetch results and display them.

Animation in PowerApps

Application with airplanes animation in PowerApps

Animation performance in PowerApps

With this application you can experience how different animation designs influence powerapps performance.