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Here you can find many of my PowerApps & Flow solutions. I’m sharing them with you. Just like that ๐Ÿ™‚ Take a look around, find apps you like, download and try in your environment.

Download all resources here

Oh and if you feel any of those apps leave you with a question of:

  • How to deploy it on your environment?
  • How to build it from scratch?
  • Can I build tailor-made solution that will synergize with your business?
  • Or just want to grab a โ˜•coffee/?beer with me and chat…

…feel free to contact me. Really, after all it’s just a message. What can goes wrong?


ScreenshotNameLink to articleLink to download
Whistleblowing appRead about itDownload
Business Card ReaderRead about itDownload
App Guide componentRead about it Download
Additional Items picker componentRead about itDownload
Popup Confirmation componentRead about itDownload
SharePoint Search in PowerAppsRead about itDownload

Animation in PowerApps
Read about itDownload
Animation performance in PowerAppsRead about itDownload
Multiple RSS feeds to LinkedIn FlowRead about itDownload RSS Flow
Download Aggregator Flow
Delegation Playground AppRead about itDownload
Create SharePoint list, fields and items using FlowRead about itDownload