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When persistence becomes a waste of time & energy


For many years I repeated that if your company is thinking about Office365 subscription then you should choose Microsoft Teams instead of Slack.

No matter if you’re Windows fan , Mac fan or Linux fan (yes, yes, yes:

Especially if you already have Office365 subscription it’s the only reasonable choice. Reasonable from the perspective of:

  • financial costs. Teams are part of Office365. And Office365 is so many tools that constantly evolve, new features are deployed and they’re being integrated which covers more and more scenarios (old but cool features, fresh and tasty integration). Oh and the PowerPlatform…the only word that comes to my mind when I think about PowerPlatform is: OMG-IT’S-A-GAMECHANGER-AND-I-LOVE-IT. Low Code is becoming strong branch in IT.
  • environment integration. I’ll just repeat what I wrote above: integration between different tools are covering more and more scenarios (old but cool features, fresh and tasty integration). This helps yourself to switch from tools context to task context = you can focus on your task: conversation, attaching a file or assigning task right from the same application. Even if in fact there are many apps used in the back-end.
  • extension capabilities. API, bots, Power Apps, connectors, tabs to name a few.

Anyway I remember hundreds of discussions when I was trying to convince people to above perspective but they didn’t listen to me. They loved Slack, loved Linux, hate Microsoft…and payed for Office365 licenses for the whole company (sic!). And when I explained to them the Microsoft strategy they called me a blind MS fanboy. Meh…

My message is this: sometimes people are deaf for arguments you tell them. In such situation you have 2 options:

  1. Fight as long as needed to crush the resistance. A drop drills a rock.
  2. Do this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and walk away to bring good somewhere else. Somewhere where people are more open for a discussion and listen your arguments. Look for a place when you can work less and do more good at the same time.

The latter is my secret strategy. To leave instead of to fight despite the costs. I see such approach not as a surrender but as a wise move. Because life is too short and your time too precious to not respect it. Thanks to that each year brings me to better place, better clients, better projects and deliveries. Persistently trying to change others against their will is not a grit (great book btw). It’s waste of time and energy.

P.S. I know I was not writing for a long time. You can’t imagined how much I was missing this. But there was always something more important, more urgent…baby, my company, community…Ah, forget it. Just cross your fingers for a come back 🙂

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