Hey, thank you for interesting in my services. On this page you can find areas of my specialization.

Business Analysis/Information Architecture

  • Conduct workshops to understand your business (“5x why” rule really opens eyes. Your eyes)
  • Design solution
    big picture for your organization
  • Evaluate solution parts with highest ROI
  • Care for consistent and productive end user tools


  • Build PowerApps apps
  • Setup Microsoft Flow flows
  • Develop custom connectors
  • Configure SharePoint Online, webparts, site design and scripts
  • Manage teams and tabs in Microsoft Teams
  • Intergrate your environment with with Azure Cognitive Services


  • I take attention to give real value to You and your users
  • I prefer Hands-on-labs & theory mix over pure theory
  • All topics related with Office 365 for developers, admins, users:
    • Building PowerApps application?
    • Governance of Microsoft Flow solutions
    • Most efficient usage of SharePoint documents and content types


  • SharePoint on-premise –> SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint Workflows –> Microsoft Flow
  • InfoPath –> PowerApps
  • Paper –> Digital
  • Server solution –> Cloud solution

Quick question: Is there a topic where you find my expertise valuable?
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Experience and expertise

  1. The solution of which I was architect was recognized as Best Search Solution on European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference 2018
  2. Check recommendation that I received
  3. I constantly keep my knowledge updated. I’ve acquired multiple certificates and still going for more. Some of them are:

I’ve worked with Microsoft technologies since 2012. At the beginning I was focused on solutions development for SharePoint on-premise where I learned a lot about how to work with code, proper debug and different dependencies between servers, services and features (which SP on-premise solutions has a lot if you add to it silverlight apps, web parts, jobs and event receivers). At that time I also worked with custom solutions using SharePoint Workflows and InfoPath.

Therefore as Microsoft promote cloud more and more I started to “migrate myself” to cloud as well. Therefor I’ve put my hands on Azure services and Office 365. And as soon as other services like Teams, PowerBI, Flow and finally PowerApps appeared in Office 365 platform I totally felled in love with them. I see so much value in Office 365 regarding time between analysis and going live.

As my expertise grow I switched from dev to meet face to face with clients. I find that much more satisfying because I can rely on my own understanding of customer true needs and design solution exactly to his needs. Especially that I know O365 from both sides – I use Office 365 platform both in business and privately.