PowerApps Document Translator app

Today I would like to present you one of my favorites apps of my own. I think it’s insanely useful. Especially when you receive an email like below from your client: The Story //todo Usage Architecture App consists of following steps: PowerApps present user interface to let him pick a document (Word or PowerPoint) and … Continue reading “PowerApps Document Translator app”


Share PowerApps to external users

This week I wanted to test out new PowerApps capability that is sharing PowerApps Canvas Apps to guest users. And as you may already know – it works like a charm! 🙂 If you’d like to know more about it here is great resource that cover this topic in details (licensing, connectors that supports it … Continue reading “Share PowerApps to external users”


How to use Flow on elevated privileges in SharePoint Online

In this article I’ll show you what is elevated privileges, when you may need it and how to run a Microsoft Flow in elevated privilages in SharePoint Online. Elevated Privileges Back days, when I was a SharePoint on-premise developer, there was a code method named RunWithElevatedPrivileges() which allows to accomplishing an operation with a higher … Continue reading “How to use Flow on elevated privileges in SharePoint Online”


How to work with option set in PowerApps

In this article I’ll share my experience and everything I learned about Option Set in PowerApps. Check out my cheat sheet. Prepare for a battle Before I start a project I prepare myself and gather all information that helps me to avoid getting into technical dead ends, improve project delivery pace and work efficiency. I … Continue reading “How to work with option set in PowerApps”


Add fields to SharePoint List using Flow

Last week I’ve explained how to create SharePoint list or library using Microsoft Flow. This time I’ll show you how you can add fields to your SharePoint List using Microsoft Flow, and add items to your list. This will complete the scenario so you’ll get a full solution for dynamic creation SharePoint List along with … Continue reading “Add fields to SharePoint List using Flow”


Create SharePoint list using Flow

Microsoft Flow is a great automation tool. It integrates with over 230 services using connectors where each of them contains multiple triggers and actions. One of those connectors is a SharePoint Online connector with a set of 10 triggers and 47 actions(!). Such big set allows to create many scenarios. Starting from managing simple resource … Continue reading “Create SharePoint list using Flow”


Delegation Learning App

For last few weeks I was preparing a special app for all my readers. And today it has been finally finished. The Delegation Playground App is ready for you to be downloaded! What this app is all about? Short brief In january and february I was struggling with delegation in my PowerApps. I’ve noticed that … Continue reading “Delegation Learning App”


Multiple RSS feeds to LinkedIn using Flow

In this blog post I’ll show you how you can build your own Microsoft Flow that is triggered by RSS feed and then re-post it to your social media channels eg. LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. I’ll give you example scenarios as well as show how you can aggregate multiple RSS feeds and handle them using … Continue reading “Multiple RSS feeds to LinkedIn using Flow”


5 steps that increased Office365 adoption

Implementation of the Office365 environment in an organization is a complex process. It is not enough to create a company account in Office365, buy subscriptions, add users and connect the organization’s domain. You also have to take care of the transfer of company resources, as well as transfer the solutions used in the organization (or … Continue reading “5 steps that increased Office365 adoption”


10 tips I wish to know before I’ve started with PowerApps

When you’re doing something for the first time there is always the same feeling of chaos. So many new things, uncountable number of topics to learn, mechanisms and concepts that are similar to nothing. How to know it all? Where to start? Of course, from one side, when it comes to IT, every software has … Continue reading “10 tips I wish to know before I’ve started with PowerApps”