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  • Jak prowadzić finanse w firmie IT?
    Ten wpis nie ma być poradnikiem. Jest raczej zbiorem notatek i przemyśleń.Notatki pochodzą ze szkolenia “Finanse dla niefinansistów” cz.1 i cz.2 organizowanego przez Francuski Instytut Gospodarki (polecam!). Z kolei przemyślenia…

I guess you’re here because you’re visiting my blog for the first time.
Let me give you a quick glimpse of what you can find on my blog.

DISCLAIMER: No matter what’s the language of an article on this blog – remember that chrome offers a pretty good translator built-in into the browser 😉

Home pageread my latest posts
👦 Who I amRead about me.
Who I am, what’s my life milestones, and what’s my psychological models
💰 What I’m doing I list there all my activities you may find interesting, inspiring, or profitable to you. I also share there my social channels.
📚 What I’m readingLook what I read and find something for yourself. I definitely recommend everyone to check my “favorites” shelf
Downloadable resourcesI built sample Power Apps apps and solutions that I share publicly. Some of my presentations will be published there as well.