Don’t hesitate, just automate – SPSWAW2019

Last saturday there was SPS Warsaw 2019 where I had a session “Don’t waste time for silly things – automate!”. I was talking about automation (of course) and how I applied it in my life using PowerPlatform to save me some time.

First of all big ups to organizers: Edyta Gorzon, Tomasz Poszytek, Marcin Siewnicki for all their hard work to prepare the whole event in every detail. Other organizers can teach from you.

Second of all thanks to all speakers: meeting them was a pleasure to me, I really had great time exchanging experience, drinking beers, laughing and dancing.

Last but not least – thanks to all attendees, without you the whole event won’t make sense.

Communing with these people charge my batteries. You are my motivation for lot of hard work I do in so called meantime to serve you the best part of knowledge, experience and afterthoughts. Just like a cook who wants his clients being served best, eating meals from the most quality ingredients.

-Waiter, “practical examples from MG” x 5 please, extra sugar.
-Sure, here’s your order sir:

  1. Automated social media posting

2. Add most important feeds to my daily tasks

3. Subscribe to todoist tasks events and change task project according to my own logic

4. Business Card Importer

5. Document translator

-And here is your sugar, sir

Feel free to download my slides deck but keep in mind that it does not contain app demos…YET! I’m going to give all those apps to community but to do it properly (so with an instruction attached) I’ll publish one app per week (starting this week).

I hope you’ll find my presentation interesting to you!

And to think that this whole automation improvements started 10th of September 2018 and it was to save me some time so I can have it more for my precious son. Wow.

I have 3 main conclusions after yesterday event.
1. PowerPlatform community is awesome. Being part of it is one of the best things that happened to me in my life.
2. @LuiseFreese audience claps louder than mine. But I have an idea how to fix it. No, I won’t make my audience to clap harder, I’ll just cut hands off of every person that will attend other session than mine. Haha, the joke. Funny Mike.
3. I need business cards 😛

26.02.2019 – O365 User Group PL Warszawa #1

Breaking news: I will be a speaker on the first O365 User Group PL Warszawa meeting. Woohoo!

I will tell about how to build smart app that enthused MVPs and Microsoft employees around the world (also known as “the story of 1 tweet” 😉). But I’m just a shadow of the others: hosts Michał Słowikowski and Kamil Bączyk and another speaker: Microsoft Teams Product Group representative: Jace Moreno !

O365 User Group PL Warszawa #1

Tuesday, Feb 26, 2019, 6:00 PM

Microsoft Polska
al. Jerozolimskie 195A Warszawa, PL

62 Członkowie Went

Zapraszamy na inauguracyjne spotkanie grupy Office 365 w Warszawie. Jako, że mamy wyjątkową okazję to sesje i agenda również takie będą. Podczas tego spotkania poruszymy tematy związane z platformami Teams oraz PowerApps. Agenda: 18:00 – 18:15 Intro 18:15 – 19:05 Unleashing the Power of the Microsoft Teams Platform 19:05 – 19:15 Przerwa 19:15 – 20:…

Check out this Meetup →

06.04.2019 – SharePoint Saturday Warsaw

I will have honor to give a speech on 4th edition of SPS Warsaw among such stars as Gokan Ozcifci (Belgium), Vlad Catrinescu (Canada), Ahmad Najjar (Norway), Jussi Mori (Switzerland), Jon Levesque (United States) and more. I will talk about automation using Flow, PowerApps, SharePoint Online and more. Main message: Don’t waste time for silly things – automate!

Today’s world is so fast that if we do not filter it, we will become slaves to our tools. Gmail / Outlook, To-Do / Todoist or even Facebook can save time, but they also put a lot of information on us. How to avoid this? How much of this information can be automated and how? I would like to give you a little inspiration on how many solutions can be built relatively quickly and simply from the “IT lego blocks” like Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, SharePoint Online, Cognitive Services and Azure Functions.
We will make something productive so not to waste time any more.

Click here to register for the event