PowerApps Document Translator app

Today I would like to present you one of my favorites apps of my own. I think it’s insanely useful. Especially when you receive an email like below from your client:

The Story




App consists of following steps:

  1. PowerApps present user interface to let him pick a document (Word or PowerPoint) and select languages he/she wants to translate document to.
  2. A document is uploaded to SharePoint with all metadata (author, desired translated languages)
  3. Microsoft Flow takes a document and pass it to Custom Azure Function
  4. Azure Function open the document and take out each paragraph separately from XML structure.
  5. The paragraph is then translated using Cognitive Service Translation Text API (Azure SaaS) – I used OOB service configuration but it allows for many different tweaks to improve translation output
  6. Azure Function put translated document all together and send it back to Microsoft Flow
  7. Flow saves each translated document as separate file in SharePoint. Thanks to this manner each document content is searchable in SharePoint search. Flow is also responsible to notify user that the documents has been translated.
  8. User can access translated documents directly from the email or using the PowerApps app.